Grant's Braes School Staff

Our staff are our school’s most valuable resource. It is the quality of our staff and the high expectations they place upon themselves that are the most important attributes in ensuring that high quality teaching and learning takes place. At Grant’s Braes School we have dedicated, well-qualified and trained staff who operate as a team and have:

  • A genuine sense of caring and empathy for young people
  • High expectations of themselves and our students
  • The skills to enable students to achieve to the best of their abilities
  • A passion for their curriculum area
  • The ability to foster a love of learning in our students
  • A strong sense of community
  • Diverse skills, knowledge, and life-experiences
  • A commitment to developing a strong set of values in our students

Our Staff

Gareth Taylor Principal.jpg

Gareth Taylor

Sara Carr AP Year 4 Teacher.jpg

Sara Carr

Assistant Principal, Ngā Manu Team Leader, Year 4-6 Teacher
Desiree Wispinski.jpg (1)

Desiree Wispinski

Assistant Principal, Te Ngahere Team Leader, Year 2-3 Teacher

Susan Tait

Senior Teacher, Kōhanga Team Leader, Year 1 Teacher
Jen Stevenson Yr 1-2 Teacher.jpg

Jen Stevenson

Year 0-1 Teacher
Lauren Carson.jpg

Lauren Carson

Year 0-1 Teacher
Placeholder Image

Jane Mitchell

Year 0-1 Teacher
Jess McAuley Year 2 Teacher.jpg

Jess McAuley

Year 2-3 Teacher
Belinda Collins Year 3 Teacher.jpg

Belinda Collins

Year 3 Teacher (Parental Leave)
Shelley Walker.jpg

Shelley Walker

Year 3-4 Teacher
Kay Masters Yr 2-3 Teacher.jpg

Kay Masters

Year 3-4 Teacher
Rebecca McKeever Yr 4 Teacher.jpg

Rebecca McKeever

Year 4-6 Teacher
Lewis Howell Year 4 Teacher.jpg

Lewis Howell

Year 4-6 Teacher
Rebecca Barrow Year 6 Teacher.jpg

Rebecca Barrow

Year 4-6 Teacher
Hugh Fry Yr 5 Teacher.jpg

Hugh Fry

Year 4-6 Teacher
Shannon Te Huna ORS Yr 0-1 Teacher.jpg

Shannon Te Huna

Support Teacher
Placeholder Image

Katie Wenborn

Year 4-6 Teacher
Gaylene O'Brien Office Administrator.jpg

Gaylene O'Brien

Office Administrator
Steve Harris Caretaker, Cleaner.jpg

Steve Harris

Sandra McHenry Teacher Aide.jpg

Sandra McHenry

Learning Assistant
Niki van Plateringen Teacher Aide.jpg

Niki van Plateringen

Learning Assistant
Elaine Hudson Teacher Aide.jpg

Elaine Hudson

Learning Assistant
Annette Littlejohn.jpg

Annette Littlejohn

Learning Assistant
Liz Stoddart.jpg

Liz Stoddart

Learning Assistant

Rebecca Then

Learning Assistant
Placeholder Image

Charlie Parsons

Learning Assistant
Placeholder Image

Kerie Elder

Learning Assistant