House Groups

House groups are an integral part of the ethos of Grant’s Braes School. Students are placed within one of the four houses and stay with this group during their time at school. Events and activities are organised and this fosters co-operation, togetherness and friendship. Each year nominations are called for from the Year 6 students and an election is held to appoint the house captains and vice-captains for the year.


The names of the house groups are taken from the surrounding streets and roads of the school and each has a special colour connected to it.

House Groups


Belford - Kākāriki

Captain: Sienna Vice Captain: Ethan

Dunrobin - Whero

Captain: Lily Vice Captain: Akein

Larnach - Kikorangi

Captain: Dominic Vice Captain: Mia

Mathieson - Karaka

Captain: Blake Vice Captain: Anahera